Bert Winfield

After years of working in the firearms industry, training in martial arts and firearms I decided to open my own training company and do my best to help members of the community be safer. I am a prior US Army Military Police Officer, Rangemaster Certified Advanced Instructor under Tom Givens, DTI Certified Instructor under John Farnham, USCCA Certified Instructor, NRA Certified Instructor and Chief Range Safety Officer, and Third-Degree Black Belt in the Art of To Shin Do.

I saw a need and still continue to see a need for Reality Based training so I started Home Defense Solutions as a way of bringing reality-based training to my students. Almost all of my handgun classes are taught from the standpoint of concealed carry. Training with nothing but plate carriers and tactical gear is a flawed approach should you get attacked in a grocery store parking lot. Unless you are a Law Enforcement Officer or Security Officer you most likely won’t be wearing all of that gear 24/7. Hopefully, you will be carrying your concealed carry setup and that’s where my training comes in. Everything I teach is from the everyday lifestyle and from the position of defending your home should the need ever arise.

Contact me today, I’d love to discuss how we can make you The Best Home Defender you can be.