Kevin D Sturgill

Kevin’s first introduction to Firearms came through the USAF JROTC program in Georgia, upon his High School Graduation he enlisted in the United States Air Force and began a promising career in Law Enforcement with the Security Police. Kevin received specialized training in multiple Firearm disciplines including Small Arms Expert, Rifle Expert, Special Operations Sniper School, SOTIC (Special Operations Target Interdiction Course), and Special Forces Sniper training to name only a few.  His unit is responsible for developing some of the Special Operations Techniques used today.

In an unfortunate training exercise incident Kevin was injured and awarded an honorable medical discharge with gratitude for his service.  Unable to pursue his original career choice his entrepreneurial spirit kicked in. He has started up several companies ranging from Motion Pictures Special Effects and Productions to an Entertainment and Amusement Company. All the while Kevin’s interest and involvement with firearms continued. Having grown his other businesses he turned back to his original focus.

Kevin is a NRA Certified Instructor, NRA Personal Protection in the Home Instructor, NRA Refuse to be a Victim Instructor, NRA Chief Range Safety Officer, State of Florida Licensed Concealed Weapon Instructor, and an 07 Manufacturer of Firearms and Non-destructive Devices.

Kevin teaches classes offered in the Orlando Florida area.