Man Kills and Dismembers Uber Eats Delivery Driver

Last week I saw a news story describing how a man kidnapped and sexually assaulted a young female, DoorDash food delivery driver. I wrote about that story and documented many other similar stories where criminals robbed and assaulted delivery drivers. In that post, I listed some safety considerations drivers could use to be safer.

A day later, I saw another horrific news report about an incident involving a food delivery driver. I added the link to the new story to the original, but thought the story deserved its own post.

As you can tell from the title, this involves a killer who is exceptionally wicked.

Randall and Kathy Cooke. – Photo Fox News

Man Kills and Dismembers Uber Eats Driver—

This incident took place outside of Tampa, Florida, in a town called Holiday. The 59-year-old victim called Randall Cooke was working part time as an Uber Eats delivery driver. At 6:49PM on April 19th, Cooke messaged Kathy, his wife, to tell her he was making his last delivery and then would come home.

Kathy called Randall when he didn’t reach home by 7:00PM. When he didn’t answer her call, she said he immediately knew something was wrong. She called the Pasco County Sheriff.

Two days later, on April 21, deputies from the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office went to the address on Moog Road, where Randall made his last delivery. Deputies spoke with a resident who showed them surveillance video. According to Sheriff Chris Norco, the video shows Randall standing at the door. Several seconds pass and no one answers, then the feed cuts out.

The video then shows another man, the suspect, identified as Oscar Solis, carrying trash bags out of the home. Deputies would locate parts of Randall’s dismembered body inside those bags.

Home where Solis murdered Randall Cooke – Photo Fox News

Pattern of Evil—

Deputies arrested Oscar Solis for murdering Randall Cooke. Besides being a documented member of the violent criminal organization, MS-13, the Sheriff said that Solis has a long and violent criminal history including battery, burglary, assault and possession of stolen auto parts. Solis failed to register as a felon in Indiana and moved into the home in Florida which his father owned.

The Sheriff said that it appears that Solis murdered Cooke “for no reason,” and called Solis’ actions “demonic”. Norco went on to say:

“You’re talking about a very violent individual that Indiana released and sent down to Florida. Now, we have a hardworking guy, a loving husband who is no longer with us.”

The video from the home also shows two teenagers, a male and female, leaving the home after the murder and dismemberment. The Pasco County Sheriff’s Department released the photos and is requesting the public’s help in identifying the two individuals.

Teens seen leaving home after murder – Photo Pasco County Sheriff’s Office – Fox News

A Few Takeaways—

Stories like these remind me of a few things.

First, while bizarre acts like these are rare, violent crime in general is not, and there are exceptionally wicked people who commit crimes that most people couldn’t imagine. Therefore, we would be wise to prepare and think about actions we can take to minimize risk and give us the best opportunity to avoid or survive dangerous incidents.

Next, voting for local prosecutors, sheriff’s, judges and other political positions is vitally important. People who are running for offices that deal with public safety, deciding on what crimes they will charge or making law, should have no tolerance for violent criminal behavior. Don’t vote for folks who want to turn a blind eye to evil.

murder Suspect Oscar Solis MS-13 gang memebr

Randall and Kathy Cooke (Left), Oscar Solis (Right)

Lastly, we may do everything in our power to stay safe, and run into a demoniac like Solis. Make sure you take time to treat the people God has put in your life with love and don’t take time for granted. Make peace with God while you have time.

Kathy Cooke said this in a phone interview with Fox News Digital:

“He’s [Solis] going to burn in hell for eternity. God will take care of him. God is with me.”

You’re Your Own First Responder—

You can read more of what Kathy said about her husband in this post from Fox News.

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    Another violent illegal alien thanks to that worthless Biden. Ms13 is hater of all things good in America.

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  2. Mark on August 17, 2023 at 1:55 pm

    This is horrendous. I agree with you Silver Fox. Biden is a worthless criminal and may all that voted for him have to answer to God.

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