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Florida Concealed Carry Instructor Offers Class For Free For Law Enforcement Spouses

In Jacksonville a local concealed carry permit instructor has decided in light of the recent targeted shootings that he can do his part by providing no cost concealed carry training to any husband or wife of any law enforcement officer. According to the local NBC station:

Greg Dennis, an NRA certified instructor,‎ said he will train every husband or wife of a police officer to get their Florida Concealed Weapons Permit for free. Dennis says the lesson will include the ammo, targets, firearms and whatever else is needed.

Dennis has been a firearms instructor for 6 months now and says he became an instructor so he could teach the Florida Concealed Weapons class. “It’s always been a passion of mine and I just wanted to spread the joy,” Dennis said.

This kind of effort should be applauded. We all need to help remind those in our communities that while officers are human and able to make mistakes the majority of law enforcement in this country does have a sincere intent to serve and protect and they take their job seriously.

Florida Concealed Carry Class

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