Concealed Carrier Shoots Man Attacking Florida Deputy


A passerby shot and killed a person who was fighting with a Lee County Sheriff’s Office deputy on Interstate 75 Monday morning.

Deputy First Class Dean Bardes, a 12-year-veteran, was working an accident at mile marker 126 on Interstate 75 on Monday morning, when the instigator of the crash attacked Bardes and attempted to make his escape in his car. This caused Bardes to collect himself and pursue the perpetrator at high speeds, according to multiple sources.

Bardes and the suspect then exited their vehicles at the Corkscrew Road exit where another fight started, sources said.


It was at that point that the unnamed passerby, who had a Concealed Weapons License, exited his vehicle and instructed the suspect to stop beating the deputy. After noncompliance from the suspect, the passerby shot the suspect three times, sources said. The suspect later died.

Although Bardes was crying for help, he was not shot, sources said. He was treated and released from Lee Memorial Hospital.

It was unclear whether Bardes fired his weapon, however, the veteran expressed his sincere gratitude to the passerby for his potentially life-saving assist.

The exit ramp was closed until 9 p.m., the Florida Highway Patrol said. Until the crime scene was thoroughly examined.

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