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New Port Richey Employee Defends Himself from Burglar’s Assault

Florida Restaurant Shooting

The small Pasco County town of New Port Richey was nearly the scene of a tragedy on May 27, according to news reports coming out of the town. Luckily, however, these same reports show that tragedy was averted due to a quick thinking restaurant employee with concealed carry handgun.

At the Dulcet Restaurant & Lounge in New Port Richey, two employees had arrived at the restaurant to begin setting it up for opening at around 10 A.M. and upon their entering the premises, they found Vince Edward Angelety, a 29-year-old man on their patio. At the time they did not know it, but Angelety was in the process of attempting to burglarize the restaurant.

As the employees attempted to avoid Angelety, his violent criminal tendencies made them aware. Suddenly Angelety followed one of the two employees and began to attack him, beating him without mercy. As this happened, the employee called to his co-worker to dial 911.

The scuffle continued and in the middle of the punches and wrestling, the employee noticed that Angelety was reaching inside of his pockets. At that point, the employee made a decision and reached into his own pocket where he produced a handgun, which the employee has a concealed carry permit for. He then took aim at Angelety and fired one shot into the criminal.

After the shot, the scuffle ended and Angelety writhed on the floor. The break in the action allowed time for the police and ambulance to arrive. Upon arrival, the Pasco County police saw the employee who shot Angelety, whose name has not been released, standing over him and still pointing his gun at the suspect.

Following this, there has been an announcement that the shooter will not be charged for shooting Angelety, but Angelety himself will be going to jail for burglary and battery.

What do you think of this story? Are you happy that this business certainly doesn’t prohibit guns? Let us know in the comments below.


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