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70-Year-Old Orange County Man Takes Down Armed Home Invader

Orange County DGU

Firearms are painted in our society as symbols of power and strength, the ultimate tough guy persona. John Wayne, John McClane, Mad Max are all tough folks who can take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’. But guns also offer an equality for those who cannot otherwise show off strength. A situation like this is what happened in Orange County on the 4th of January.

The incident occurred on Murcott Circle near Old Winter Garden Road at about 5:00 PM last Thursday evening at the home of 70-year-old Juan Jose Carraballo. According to local police two men armed with at least one firearm themselves kicked in Carraballo’s door in an attempt to burglarize the residence. Thankfully, however, Juan was armed himself and was able to impede the pair’s burglary attempt.

Carraballo fired at the thieves, starting a brief shootout with the duo. In this shootout, Juan himself was struck with one of the criminals’ bullets. This did not stop Juan from managing to fire off more rounds that managed to strike at least one of the burglars killing him dead. This caused the other thief to run off into the night, no doubt terrified that he may be next.

Eventually, Juan’s wife arrived back home to see the carnage that the shootout left behind. She managed to call authorities who took Juan to Orlando Regional Medical Center, whereupon last word his condition had not been released to the public.

As for the still living thief, at the time of writing this article, he was still on the loose. Anyone with information on the shooting or whereabouts of the second intruder has been asked to contact the Orange County Sheriff’s Office or call the Crimeline, at 800-423-TIPS.

And while it seems that the situation is still bad for Mr. Carraballo, imagine what it would look like if his home wasn’t gun ready. At least with his firearm, this elderly citizen was given a fighting chance against two thieves and that in and of itself is a blessing that firearms can give.

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