Jacksonville Woman Defends Herself from Crazed Ex-Husband

Jacksonville Florida DGU

This year we have started to finally see just how deep the levels of assaults on women go in this country. In fact, Time Magazine has issued its “Person of the Year” award to “The Silence Breakers” for showing that women are not going to take the abuse anymore. You can add a Jacksonville woman to that list of women who aren’t giving in after a break-in attempt on Tuesday, December 5th.

The incident occurred on Tuesday night and started when Randolph Bishop attempted to break into his ex-wife’s home by using a crowbar to smash his way through. The woman ran down to see what was going on and when she locked eyes with Randolph, he claimed that he just wanted to talk.

It may have been a mistake, but the woman agreed to walk outside to Randolph and have a chat. Now, why would she do this? Well, as became evidently clear to Mr. Bishop, the woman was armed with a firearm herself. She, of course, did not want or plan to use it, though.

It was only when Mr. Bishop quickly showed that he was not interested in talking did his ex-wife need to use what she brought to the table.

Very quickly Randolph Bishop switched from talking mode to full-fledged attack but his ex-wife was able to pull out her gun before she could be hurt and shot Randolph square in the face. However, this did not put Randolph down. It did force him to run off before neighbors arrived to check on the woman in her home.

Police and neighbors have both commended the homeowner for doing what she did. Stating that

“She was in fear and her fears came to life when he assaulted her outside. She did the next best thing and protected herself and is well within her rights to protect herself,” 

Police also say they have not yet found Mr. Bishop, but have put out notices to all local medical centers and urgent cares to contact the police should the injured abuser attempt to seek treatment.

What do you think of this story? Do you feel that you could draw from concealed with the same effect as this woman? Let us know in the comments below.

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