Father Forced to Shoot Carjacker

Palm Beach Florida

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office reports a Florida Concealed Carry Permit holder was forced to shoot and kill a man who stole his vehicle with his young daughter in the back seat.

The shooting occurred on 10th Street and Greenbrier Drive, a few blocks north of Lake Park’s downtown Park Avenue strip, where the father had gone into a barbershop to pick up his 12-year-old son, leaving the van running with at least one child in the car.

Police say 22-year old Terrence Wilson, an employee of Jimmy Johns, attempted to carjack the vehicle and ordered the girl out of the van, but drove off with her still in it when the father shouted for him to stop.

The father then drew his licensed concealed pistol and shot Wilson, killing him. Surveillance footage of the incident shows the father running along side the car, trying to get it stopped after shooting Wilson.

The Sheriff’s Office said the father acted, “ … in fear of his daughters safety.”

Wilson, himself was a father of a 1-year-old, had a record of being arrested in a separate indecent for breaking into a car in Boca Raton and sentenced to 180 days in jail on a burglary charge.

Amanda Swanson, a coworker at Jimmy Johns with Wilson said he, “ … was the sweetest and funniest person you could meet. He worked 2 jobs to support his son and girlfriend.

This was my friend and this was not him,” She added “He had no problems.”

Police say there will be no charges filed against the father for trying to protect his child.

This was a bad situation in which poor decisions were made by both primary actors. Perhaps this incident wouldn’t have happened if the father had not left his vehicle running with his daughter in it.

Certainly, if Wilson had not decided to be so opportunistic and take a chance by stealing the car he might be around to raise his young son.

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