Two Shootings In New Port Richey

Lakeland DGU

New Port Richey Man Shoots His Neighbor

Saturday night, 34-year-old Joshua Ellis was engaging in a loud argument with an un-identified female at his home on the 10300 block of County Lake Dive.

The shouting became so loud that Ellis’s neighbor, 39-year-old Brien Colby, went to investigate.

Ellis became hostile at the presence of his neighbor who still had not left his own property in his investigation of the fighting.

When Colby dialed 911 to report the incident, Ellis became even more aggressive, and began to advance on his neighbor.

He was allegedly making threats as he moved forwards when Colby shot him in the chest with a 9mm handgun.

Ellis crumpled to the ground where he lay as Colby attempted to stem the bleeding from the wound. But the effort would be in vain. Ellis was transported to Bayonet Point Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Also in Port Richey:

Two Men Charged with the Shooting of a Man Who Stole a Leaf Blower

Pasco Sherriff’s Office reports arresting a man who was chasing a white truck he claimed stole his leaf blower at around 0700 Monday morning.

According to the man, his wife witnessed his leaf blower being stolen by a person who fled in a white truck.

The devoted owner of the leaf blower immediately jumped into his own truck to pursue the thief.

Officers attempted to respond to the calls coming in about shots fired in multiple locations as the man continued to follow and fire his gun at the fleeing suspect.

The chase finally ended at a parking lot in the 5000 Block of Main Street, and the homeowner caught up with the leaf blower thief.

According to sheriff’s deputies the shooter was angry over the theft of his leaf blower and fired shots into the cab of the white truck. One round struck the thief in the leg, injuring the man with what officers called, “non-life-threatening wounds.”

On Tuesday, Pasco County Deputies arrested both men, Michael Moore and William Nazario-Ocasio, in connection with the shooting and theft.

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There is a lot to learn from these two stories. What are some of the lessons which stood out to you? Leave a comment below to let me know.


  1. William on March 5, 2019 at 9:08 pm

    I have been taught if someone steals property like tools, car, or lawn mower; let them go and report it to you police and insurance. You can be charged for actions like the one just read. It can be bad for you for hurt or killing that thief. It is not worth it. Your wife or You were not being threatened.

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