CCW Holder Shot Five Times Survives

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One person was killed and three others were wounded in a shooting which happened in a parking garage in Fort Lauderdale FL.

According to Casey Liening, a spokeswoman for the Fort Lauderdale Police Department (FLPD), the shooting occurred at around 0415 a.m. on the first floor of a parking garage located on the 100 block of Southwest Fifth Avenue.

During the investigation, FLPD officers determined an argument which started in a night club on Saturday carried over to the parking garage resulting in the shooting.

Paramedics were quickly on the scene and transported a total of three people to Broward Health Medical Center for treatment. Details concerning their injuries where not released, however, Leining said their injuries were not life threatening.

Close relatives of the shooter said 25-year-old Bidline Vil has a license to carry concealed and acted in self-defense when he fired on his aggressor, killing him.

Debbie Anestor, Vil’s aunt, said he had to shoot to protect those around him:

“He saved many lives by killing him. He’s a hero,” Anestor told Local 10 News.

Vil is in the hospital recovering after he was shot 5 times himself during the firefight in the garage, being wounded in his thigh, buttocks and arm, while his girlfriend was also shot in the leg.

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  1. btcerclinger on July 14, 2019 at 4:45 am

    this comment was left at local 10 news and bears repeating:

    by TheGhostOfCaptainO

    The shooter was ‘licensed to carry’ but also out partying at 4am. You are not ‘licensed to carry’, even with a ccw permit, when you’re at a nightclub or intoxicated. Those rules are in place for a reason.

    Obviously this guy is not the brightest because his aunt is out running her mouth to the news about what happened, before an investigation has been completed. That means he himself has been yapping about what went down as well. If for some unlucky reason you ever find yourself in a situation where you have to fire your weapon, even if justified, DO NOT talk to the police or anyone about it without a lawyer present.

    One false statement and you’re getting charged with manslaughter or second degree murder. Just because you have a ‘license to carry’ doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve got the brains to carry. « less

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