FL Man With Rifle Shoots 2/4 Home Invaders

Ocala, Florida – A homeowner shot and killed two men and drove away their accomplices on July 10th at around 8:30 p.m.

Marion County Sheriff’s Office report their deputies responded to a call of shots fired at a home located in the 14900 block of SE 32nd Court Rd.

As they cleared their way into the home, they first discovered 21-year-old Keith Jackson lying dead on the floor and wearing a “Jason” mask and gloves. Next to his head lay a semi-automatic pistol with the slide locked to the rear.

Jason Voorhees from the movie: Friday the 13th (1980)

As deputies continued to secure the premises, they came upon yet another man suffering from gunshot wounds. 22-year-old Nigel Doyle was discovered laying outside the home where he’d collapsed next to his shotgun.

Deputies then found the homeowner in the bedroom with his AR-15 across his knees and suffering from a gunshot wound to the abdomen.

Two other men, 22-year-old Seth Rodriguez and 19-year-old Robert Hamilton, were arrested in connection with the home invasion after a Sheriff’s Office K-9 team tracked them to where they’d attempted to hide in a nearby copse of trees.

Robert Hamilton. Photo: Marion County Sheriff’s Office

Medics arrived and transported Doyle and the victim to Ocala Regional Medical Center where Doyle died of the wounds he’d sustained in the gunfight. The homeowner is reported to be in stable condition.

The victim told detectives with Major Crimes that he’d heard a knock at his door about an hour before the shooting occurred. When he didn’t bother to answer the door, he saw a man he recognized from a previous Craigslist transaction staring in through back sliding glass door.

He said the man mentioned the Craigslist transaction and that his vehicle had broken down. He asked for help, but the victim said he was disabled and could be of no assistance. The suspect left and the homeowner went to bed.

A short time later he was awakened to a loud noise as 4 armed and masked men stormed into his home. Snatching up the AR-15 he keeps next to his bed; he went to investigate and confront the intruders.

The victim told detectives he didn’t recall who fired first, but during the gunfight he shot a masked man who fired back. Then he began taking shots from another intruder and shifted his fire to the new threat.

He retreated back into his bedroom after sustaining a wound to the stomach by the Jason-masked Jackson. In the post firefight quiet, the unidentified homeowner said he could hear moans from one of the mortally wounded men, indicating some of his rounds had found threats.

Outside the home deputies found a black Volkswagen staged close by with the doors open for a quick getaway. A check of the car’s registration revealed it to be registered to both Keith Jackson and Keith Jackson Jr.

Hamilton and Rodriguez told investigators they had gone to the home because they were aware of guns and marijuana in the home and had gone there to rob the owner.

Seth Rodriguez. Photo: Marion County Sheriff’s Office


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