CCW Stops Brutal Attack

Leesburg, Florida – One suspect is in jail after he was stopped in his attack on another man by an armed citizen.

Leesburg Police Department reports dispatching officers to the scene of a reported battery in progress on March 1st at the Wawa located at US Highway 441 and Griffin Road.

Responding officers were told as they approached the scene that someone at the location had a firearm. When they arrived, they found a man holding Omilson Oceant-Shirley, at gun point.

When officers entered the business, the man with the gun put it away in a holster and was ordered by police to put his hands on his head. They then removed the firearm until they reviewed his CCW permit and his firearm was returned to him.

On the scene, a group of civilians were kneeling around another man lying on the floor and bleeding profusely from a head wound. Lake County paramedics were called to the scene to see to the victim’s injuries.

Speaking with witnesses, officers were told Oceant-Shirley, who is 6’2 and weighs 250 lbs., attacked a man inside the Wawa. The 23-year-old punched him until he fell on the floor then began kicking him in the head until he opened a serious wound on his victim.

One woman said she shouted for the suspect to stop the attack, and Oceant-Shirley stopped for a moment. She went over to help the victim, but Oceant-Shirley quickly returned and shoved her to the ground.

The victim expressed to officers that he wanted to press charges against his attacker, but due to his injuries, could not make a written statement at that time.

By then, Lake County Paramedics advised the victim he needed additional care at the hospital from the injuries he sustained during the attack and he was transported to Leesburg Regional Medical Center for further treatment.

The Wawa manager told officers Oceant-Shirley was known to their employees and the business had a trespass order against him since he frequently loiters and sleeps in the men’s restroom.

He was arrested and booked into Lake County Jail. During which Oceant-Shirley became hostile and aggressive with officers.

Cursing, he charged one of the officers and slammed him into a wall causing a small wound, then started spitting and trying to bite and trip them.

Police regained control of Oceant-Shirley and he was given additional charges of aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer to the charges he’d already incurred of violating probation, aggravated battery causing bodily harm or disability, and trespassing.

He is due back in court to answer for his actions on the 19th and 30th of August this year and is currently being held on a $5,000 bond.

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