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Everyday Tactical: Situational Awareness

As mentioned in my other articles, the dynamics of a deadly force encounter happen at a blazingly fast pace. We are thrusted into a reactionary role. Thus, our decisions and actions are made and executed mostly instinctively from muscle memory, rather than through calculated decisions based on the clarity of hindsight. The tips I present are intended to help […]

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Everyday Tactical: Keeping Your Hands Free

Sometimes the simplest things we do can have a great payoff in the long run. I would like to pass one tip to all of you responsible gun carrying citizens. In a way this concept was ingrained in my mind when I was in Marine Corps Bootcamp. We were trained that, while in uniform, we were not to […]

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Justified Shooters September 2015 Edition

#JustifiedShooters is a series of articles that we publish to share real life examples of people who have used a firearm legally in self-defense. When you find such a story share it with the hashtage #justifedshooters and click here for other articles in the series. Older Patron Defends Himself During Bank Robbery A bank customer […]

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Magpul Matrix Rifle Kit for AR-15s

In today’s video Damon is talking to Ron about the popular Matrix Rifle Kits by Magpul. These kits make it easy to customize your AR-15 in several different themes or colors that are sure to suit all shooters. –>Click here to watch on YouTube (Don’t forget to subscribe) Damon’s Monday Video Each Monday we publish […]

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Isolate the Family and Defend the Room

There are a lot of different philosophies out there about home defense tactics. I don’t feel that any of them paint a full picture of the best course of action for every potential scenario. Since we can’t predict every potential situation we can’t assume that a single response plan is going to work all the […]

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machete weapon

Should We Ban Machetes Too?

This week I stumbled upon two different home invasion news stories that both involved a machete. The first, from September 5th in South Carolina involved three men forcing their way into someones home and “hacking” him to death. Their weapon was a machete. According to the Associated Press: Investigators say a man was hacked to […]

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Gun Falls Out Onto Ground at Tampa Movie Theater

Earlier this month Tampa police responded to a call from an AMC movie theater when a patron’s firearm accidentally dropped to the floor. (News story below) To share my own incriminating story, I recall many years ago shortly after receiving my concealed carry permit but shortly before my first holster came in the mail I […]

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