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Who Makes Up Your Survivalist Team?

Prepping or being a survivalist isn’t something you can fully achieve on your own. While you are ultimately responsible for what you do and how prepared you are you still need to approach survival and preparedness as something you do with a team of people that support your efforts forward. Today’s article is meant to […]

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Grip Your Handgun Correctly and Shoot Better

If you have taken any formal marksmanship class, chances are, you have heard the fundamentals of marksmanship mentioned (grip, aim, trigger control, breath control, stance). These are pretty much universally accepted as the main 5 fundamentals. Depending on the focus of your marksmanship, i.e. marksmanship for competition shooting versus personal defense/combat focused shooting, the list of the 5 main […]

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Over 7000 Gun Ranges Added to Directory

Eleven months ago we launched our national gun business directory to make it easier for you to find stores, ranges, gunsmiths, etc. Yesterday we added over 7,000 new gun ranges to the directory in all 50 states.  So if you are planning on getting some range time in this holiday season check the directory for […]

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shoot to stop threats

Why Do We Use Deadly Force?

When it comes to the use of force and concealed carry, there are some topics that can never be covered too many times. I feel that this is one of them. In the classes I teach for obtaining a concealed carry license, I point out the importance of understanding the reason WHY we use deadly force, not just […]

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Dryfire Tips Video Series from LASR

L.A.S.R doesn’t just make awesome software, they also know how to train correctly with a firearm. You may recall from the interview we published with John, the founder of L.A.S.R. earlier this year that they are the industry leaders in software to assist in and give feedback from at home dry fire or laser simulated […]

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