Former Miami Police Officer Found Guilty of Gun Running to the Dominican Republic

Miami Gun Running

A five-year saga of conspiracy and crime within the Miami-Dade Police Department finally came to a close on Monday as former officer Michael Freshko pleaded guilty to smuggling guns out of the United States to the Dominican Republic.

Michael Freshko was an 11-year veteran of the Miami-Dade Police before he was relieved of his duties in 2015 after word had gotten out that there were perhaps some instances of him running guns to the Dominicans. Shortly thereafter a full investigation into the goings on of Freshko was undertaken, with the case finally wrapping up on Monday.

What the prosecution found in this case, was cut-and-dry evidence that Freshko along with an unnamed accomplice put together a system of delivery which saw Freshko handing off guns to an accomplice, who would sneak the guns aboard commercial airplanes bound for the Dominican Republic, where the firearms would later be handed off to a contact within the country.

Freshko himself made his first appearance in court to answer for the charges back in May, and after the trial was forced to enter in a plea of guilty for the crimes.

Freshko stated that over the time of the running, six guns were transferred in total, including 4 Glock pistols, 1 Sig Sauer handgun, and a 5.56 Sig Sauer rifle.

The sentence could see Freshko heading to jail for a maximum of five years due to his guilty plea.

What do you think of former Officer Freshko’s predicament? Do you think that the courts made the correct call with their decision? Do you think a better attorney may have gotten Freshko a better deal? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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