Lakeland Homeowner Doesn’t Put Up with Thieving Home Invader

Lakeland DGU

Home to Florida Southern College, Lakeland sits smack dab in the center of gun loving Florida. You would think that due to the amount of guns Floridians carry and how loud and proud they are about it some folks might get deterred from breaking into a Floridian’s home. Well unfortunately for a 19-year-old man from Lakeland he didn’t seem to get the memo.

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Rockledge Gunman Stopped by Armed Auto Workers

Rockledge Florida Shooting

Mass shootings have been in the news quite a bit in recent months. From Las Vegas to Sutherland Springs to Northern California it seems that these are becoming more and more commonplace in society. It also seems that Rockledge, Florida was going to be the next town on this list, but a few armed citizens had something to say about it.

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Florida Sheriff Grady Judd Wants More Law-Abiding Floridians to Carry

Clearwater Florida DGU

With the recent string of mass shootings plaguing our country, many citizens are looking for answers as to how to stop the next one from occurring. While it is very clear that gun grabbers and gun lovers have two very different solutions for a fix, someone who is at the front line of many shootings in Florida, Sheriff Grady Judd has a solution he knows works with his officers and believes will work with the general populace. Get carrying.

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St. Johns County Publix Shooter Detained by Carrier

St. Johns County Florida DGU

While much of America’s hearts are in their throats over the tragedy in Las Vegas, another mass shooting in St. Johns County was on the precipice of turning into a second nightmare over the weekend if not for the sure and steady hands of another armed Floridian taking matters into his own hands.

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