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Fort Meade Couple Caught in Shootout Over Assumed Stolen Dog

Winter Haven Florida Shooting

The Polk County town of Fort Meade was the setting for a violent altercation between a couple and a group of angry, aggressive neighbors who believed that the couple had stolen their Pit Bull.

The incident occurred last Monday and saw 48-year-old Charles Peddycoart and his live-in girlfriend get into a dispute with neighbor Calvin Johnson over the incorrect assumption that Johnson’s Pit Bull, “Princess” had been taken by the couple.

In reality what had happened was the pair had gone to a nearby Dollar General store to shop and were followed by the dog. Once at the store, a third party (a mother and son) saw the dog wandering around and decided to pick it up in order to take it to their home and keep it safe until someone came to claim it as the dog had no I.D. or collar on it.

However, Johnson did not know or did not believe that this was the case and decided to take his frustrations out on Peddycoart. So Johnson, along with his two roommates Teconsa McDonald and Edward Burgess went over to Peddycoart’s home and confronted him and his girlfriend about the dog.

Once there, things got heated very quickly. To the point that Peddycoart, a veteran of the U.S. Army let the group know that he was armed and that the group should leave. The group did not retreat, though, instead Teconsa McDonald claimed that he had a weapon on him as well.

Upon spouting that threat, the group began moving toward Peddycoart and his girlfriend. This caused Charles Peddycoart to pull his firearm and shoot the group of oncoming neighbors, striking all three in the chest with rounds from his handgun.

Emergency crews and police were soon on the scene and able to take Burgess and Calvin Johnson away, but McDonald had succumbed to his wounds and had died.

As for the other two, Johnson and Burgess were taken to Lakeland Regional Health Medical Center to tend to their injuries. As of last Thursday, they were in critical condition, but it is expected that the pair will make a full recovery.

But what of Peddycoart? Well, he and his girlfriend will not be facing charges for their role in the incident as eyewitnesses and police both claim that the shooting was done in self-defense.

What do you think of this story? Do you think things would have ended badly for Charles and his girlfriend if he hadn’t drawn his handgun? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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One Response to Fort Meade Couple Caught in Shootout Over Assumed Stolen Dog

  1. Allen Thompson July 21, 2018 at 8:35 am #

    I think when a man with his wifeI believe the homeowner gave the mob a basic opportunity to back off, they refused they proceeded to. Come at the homeowner and his wife and all 3 were shot. 1 dead the other 2 critically wounded. Maybe next time these guys want to confront someone they will think twice..

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