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Rockledge Gunman Stopped by Armed Auto Workers

Rockledge Florida Shooting

Mass shootings have been in the news quite a bit in recent months. From Las Vegas to Sutherland Springs to Northern California it seems that these are becoming more and more commonplace in society. It also seems that Rockledge, Florida was going to be the next town on this list, but a few armed citizens had something to say about it.

The event occurred on Friday, November 24th at Schlenker Automotive in Rockledge, the small Brevard County town and started when 28-year-old Robert Bailey Jr. walked into the parking lot of Schlenker armed with a .45 caliber handgun. Upon arriving there, Bailey Jr. began a shooting spree in that very parking lot.

The gunman’s shots struck two of Schlenker’s employees. Roger Lee Smith, aged 50 was killed by the shots fired and a 25-year-old whose name has not been released to the public was shot and paralyzed during Bailey Jr.’s spree.

However, it was with the paralyzing shot that attention was called to the store and allowed the store’s manager, who is a licensed concealed carrier to grab his firearm and take the fight back to Bailey Jr.

After retrieving his firearm, Schlenker’s manager made the dangerous but brave decision to confront the shooting madman in the parking lot. His shots did not strike, however, they did call attention to the gun-wielding madman and caused him to chase the store’s manager back into the property and away from the public. That’s when a trap was sprung. You see, this is Florida, so it is likely that there are to be more people armed than imagined and as the two rushed back into the store they were met by another concealed carrying employee of the store.

This employee, using the distraction created by his manager was waiting in the wings for the killer to enter his sights and upon doing so, fired several shots at Bailey Jr. striking him twice, critically injuring him and stopping his deadly rampage.

In an interview with local media Rockledge police chief Joseph La Sata stated in regards to the incident…

“If not for the brave, quick thinking of the employees at Schlenker, this could have been a lot worse, Mr. Bailey had multiple magazines on his person. He was intent on doing harm. The employees stepped up.”

What do you think of this story? Do you believe that you would think quickly enough to get into the correct position at the correct time like the defensive shooter in this story? Let us know in the comments below.   

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