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Florida Sheriff Grady Judd Wants More Law-Abiding Floridians to Carry

Florida Sheriff Concealed Carry

With the recent string of mass shootings plaguing our country, many citizens are looking for answers as to how to stop the next one from occurring. While it is very clear that gun grabbers and gun lovers have two very different solutions for a fix, someone who is at the front line of many shootings in Florida, Sheriff Grady Judd has a solution he knows works with his officers and believes will work with the general populace. Get carrying.

In a recent post from the Polk County Sheriff’s official Twitter account, Judd let out a gem of advice to the folks in his neck of the woods as well as anyone around the country with access to his account. He stated…

We at Concealed Carry Inc. commend Sheriff Judd and totally agree with his point of view on the matter. It is a nice relief to see someone using a bit of common sense with regards to personal protection in this wave of anti-gun sentiment in the media over these past few days.

What’s more is that he is calling for people to not only be armed but to be WELL-TRAINED also. They are even going the extra mile and offering information about classes regarding how best to handle situations. This works right in line with Concealed Carry Inc. and our mission statement which reads as follows.


Why We Do It? We feel a deep obligation to protect the innocent among us from the criminals and predators who would feed on our flock.

•What We Do? We provide the tools necessary to empower those who share in our purpose to prepare, train, and engage in active defense.

•How We Do It? We facilitate a curriculum to help anyone become a GuardianA Guardian is someone who is Prepared, Trained, and Willing to proactively choose to defend oneself, one’s family, and one’s community from active threats using physical and firearm defense tools and strategies.

If you are interested in heeding the Sheriff’s advice or interested in helping further our mission our best piece of advice is to find Concealed Carry Classes across Florida make sure to hit the button at the bottom of the page for more details regarding times and dates.

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