Florida Sheriff Grady Judd Wants More Law-Abiding Floridians to Carry

Clearwater Florida DGU

With the recent string of mass shootings plaguing our country, many citizens are looking for answers as to how to stop the next one from occurring. While it is very clear that gun grabbers and gun lovers have two very different solutions for a fix, someone who is at the front line of many shootings in Florida, Sheriff Grady Judd has a solution he knows works with his officers and believes will work with the general populace. Get carrying.

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Florida Open Carry Proposal Is Dead in the Senate

Bill to allow Open Carry in Florida is Dead

Senate Judiciary Committee Chariman Miguel Diaz de la Portilla has officially killed SB 300 which would have allowed Florida gun owners with valid concealed weapons permits to carry open in addition to concealed. Deaz de la Portilla told media “On all of these gun bills, I don’t believe any of them are necessary,”

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