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Lakeland Homeowner Doesn’t Put Up with Thieving Home Invader

Lakeland DGU


Due to recent updates from local news and authorities, it should be noted that information given prior has now been updated or was outright incorrect. Gabriel Jacobs car believed to be stolen from his stepfather was later confirmed as being in Gabriel’s possession with the knowledge of his step-father.

It should also be noted that the person who called the police was not the homeowner (Whose name has now been released as Michael Ives, 66) but rather his wife, while the homeowner was handling the situation of Jacobs trying to break down his door.

Also it is worth noting that in our original article below we stated that Jacobs was in the process of attempting to burglarize a home. Reviewing the news more closely it seems that we may have made some assumptions based on the original news reports. We can’t, and shouldn’t have presumed to know the intentions of Mr. Jacobs.

Finally, with regard to Jacobs, he is facing charges of burglary for this incident.


Original Story: Dated 1/29/2018

Home to Florida Southern College, Lakeland sits smack dab in the center of gun loving Florida. You would think that due to the amount of guns Floridians carry and how loud and proud they are about it some folks might get deterred from breaking into a Floridian’s home. Well unfortunately for a 19-year-old man from Lakeland he didn’t seem to get the memo.

This incident occurred a little after 3:00 in the morning on Sunday night. At the 1400 block of Shorewood Place in Lakeland, 19-year-old Gabriel Jacobs was in the process of attempting to burglarize a home. He was already in a stolen truck belonging to his step-father so to Jacobs this didn’t seem like too foreign of an idea to take what doesn’t belong to you.

Fortunately, unlike the case with the truck, this bout of thievery wasn’t going to go unchecked. See, Jacobs wasn’t the only one at this residence. The homeowner, whose name has not yet been released for safety purposes was also around and noticed the strange vehicle pulled up to his home.

When he saw Jacobs get out and move towards the home, the man inside called the local police and grabbed his shotgun and waited to see if he would need to use it before the police arrived.

Sure enough, Jacobs attempted to break into the home and upon kicking at the front door, the homeowner inside announced that he was indeed home and armed. This did not stop the criminal Jacobs, who proceeded to keep kicking in the front door, seemingly not caring that he had been warned of a gun on the other side.

Once Jacobs made it to the other side, he saw for himself that the homeowner wasn’t bluffing though. The homeowner shot Jacobs once he made it through the door and just like that, the situation was under control.

Police and medics arrived shortly thereafter, taking Jacobs to the ER where he is in critical condition at the time of writing this article.

As for the homeowner, it doesn’t seem that he will be facing any charges at this time for the defense of himself and his home.

What do you think of this story? Is your home ready to take on an invader like this? Let us know in the comments below.

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2 Responses to Lakeland Homeowner Doesn’t Put Up with Thieving Home Invader

  1. Jennifer Day January 31, 2018 at 4:06 pm #

    Michael Ives is the shooters name.. There was no pick up truck. No robbery. No attempt at a robbery. This article is complete slander. I do not believe it’s in the best interest of your business to print blatant outright false lies. Slander is illegal you know. Even your details about the 911 call are incorrect. Everything that you say happened is incorrect. Complete 100 percent work of fiction. I have screenshots of this so even if you remove it I have proof. Doesn’t seem like a smart move for a business to falsify a story to try to promote themselves.

    • Jacob Paulsen January 31, 2018 at 5:08 pm #

      Jennifer thank you for contacting us. At the time we wrote the article that was accurate based on the news reports we had available to us. Our team is working now to update the article based on the latest available information. It is never our intent to publish anything that isn’t accurate but often these types of stories change rapidly in the days following the initial news reports and it is challenging for us to stay up on an update to the story. Thank you for letting us know we needed to update this one. Feel free to take a look and if you see anything that still isn’t accurate please provide information to help us update it accordingly.

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