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Vero Beach Homeowner Praised by Police for Defending Home from Burglars

Vero Beach Florida Shooting

Story Updated 2/7/2018

The Vero Beach area has a lot of folks with some extra money to spend and some of them just so happen to be big second amendment supporters. You can figure even from reading this that that may mean a few of them have some guns at home. Apparently a man who attempted to break in to a home there last week didn’t get the memo or thought he was stronger than anyone he may face. Well, he will certainly be singing a different tune now.

An incident occurred on the property of 25-year-old Taylor Reese last Thursday night at around 6:00 in the evening. Reese was at home when he heard noises at his front door. It sounded like someone was attempting to break in, so the young man grabbed his firearm and investigated the sounds.

Upon reaching the door, Reese was face to face with two men who were indeed trying to get into Reese’s house. One of these men had a gun and began to fire it at Reese. Thankfully none of the criminal’s shots struck true, but Reese’s sure did. 2 bullets went through the thigh and head of Howard Bartee III, the only criminal to be caught that evening when investigators arrived and took him to the hospital to recover.

As for the second criminal, the chaos of the shooting caused him to run off back home where he remained for only a few hours before turning himself into the police.

It is not announced yet which of the two burglars fired the shots that started the shootout, but with both in custody, I think it’s safe to say they both will be feeling the punishment from their foolish attempted crime.

As for Taylor Reese, he has since been cleared of charges by local Indian River County police since he was in the right to defend his home in the manner he did.

What do you think of this story? Is your home gun ready in case an incident like this happens to you? Let us know in the comments below.

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