St. Johns County Publix Shooter Detained by Carrier

St. Johns County Florida DGU

While much of America’s hearts are in their throats over the tragedy in Las Vegas, another mass shooting in St. Johns County was on the precipice of turning into a second nightmare over the weekend if not for the sure and steady hands of another armed Floridian taking matters into his own hands.

The incident occurred at a Publix in Fruit Grove and started as an altercation between Charles Mohr, a 22-year-old from Jacksonville and a car of people whose names have not yet been released to the public. According to reports, following a verbal dispute between the people in the car and Mohr, Mohr pulled out a handgun and began firing into the car, hitting and injuring the occupants.

Meanwhile, as this was occurring an employee of the Tuffy Tire in the same shopping center as the Publix, named Justin Louque had heard the argument going on and upon hearing Mohr’s 12-14 gunshots into the car, Louque, who was armed, decided that he needed to take action.

So following the shots, Louque went to the scene of the shooting and saw Mohr standing there with his gun still in hand. That’s when Louque held up his own firearm and ordered Mohr to the ground. The shooter complied with Louque’s request and soon enough police were on their way to hall off this madman.

According to Louque the reason that Mohr gave him for shooting the occupants of the car was due to road rage. Mohr claimed that the two were trying to run him off the road and that’s why he decided to shoot them.

Thankfully the injuries sustained do not appear to be life-threatening.

Also, many thanks have to go to Justin Louque whose quick thinking and calm hands may have saved the lives of the people in the car as well as other innocent bystanders in and around the shopping center.

Luckily, it doesn’t appear that we will have to deal with Charles Mohr for quite a long time, as well, as he is currently sitting in jail waiting to go to trial on 3 counts of attempted murder. All this madness brought about because of a traffic incident.

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