St. Johns County Publix Shooter Detained by Carrier

St. Johns County Florida DGU

While much of America’s hearts are in their throats over the tragedy in Las Vegas, another mass shooting in St. Johns County was on the precipice of turning into a second nightmare over the weekend if not for the sure and steady hands of another armed Floridian taking matters into his own hands.

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Seminole Concealed Carrier Stops Nightmarish Stabbing Spree

Clearwater Florida DGU

A Publix parking lot in Seminole was the scene of a bloody battle between 2 good samaritans, a female shopper, and a robber whose knife created the carnage. Luckily, this battle, while vicious with viscera, ended as quickly as it began due to a third samaritan and his gun. The incident took place on the…

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