Orlando Apartment Residents Fire Back at Group of Intruders

The residents of a local Orlando apartment complex were faced with a group of armed intruders early Thursday morning. Thankfully, tragedy didn’t befall the resident. Why? Because the people who lived in the apartment were armed themselves.

At around 3:00 A.M. on Thursday, a group of these criminals broke into the Regency Gardens Apartments on Devonbriar Way near South Semoran Boulevard and Pershing Avenue. This is according to a Lieutenant in the Orlando City Police, Lt. Daniel Brady.

“Shots were fired between the suspects and the victims,” Brady added in a press conference on the incident. “One of the suspects was critically wounded and none of the victims were injured.”

Besides the intruder who was wounded, the police do not have any of the others in custody at the time of the writing of this article.

The intruder who was wounded was taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center, where he is expected to recover from his injuries, whereupon after treatment, he will be taken to jail.

As for the intruders who fled, little has been released regarding them, save the fact that they fled in a silver Volkswagen.

As of this point, there were no plans for charges against the residents of the apartment and the search for those who escaped was ongoing.

This story is a case in point for having your home gun ready. The situation could have shifted immensely if those residents were not able to match the intruders’ firepower. Perhaps instead of ending up injury free and safe at home, they would have been burgled or worse.

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